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Mobile specialist veterinary anaesthesiology 



Knowing your pet is unwell and may require an anaesthetic is extrordinarily stressful experience. We provide expert level veterinary anaesthesia and pain management services in the comfort of your regular veterinary clinic. Our goal is to minimise the risk that is inherently associated with anaesthesia and ensure your pet is comfortable and pain free.




Dr Kieren Maddern is a European boarded specialist in anaesthesia and analgesia. She has a particular interest in animal pain management and strives to improve awareness of this problem, while delivering high-level care for pets in pain through provision of state of the art peri-operative analgesia and chronic pain management on an outpatient basis.




A specialist anaesthesiologist  is trained to recognise, evaluate & respond to potential risks.

They can provide the highest possible standard of care for your pet to minimise risks for

each individual. They are able to provide the most advanced techniques to ensure the best possible pain prevention and management currently available.


The anaesthesiologist's  sole role is the safety of your pet and they are able to tailor a safe, optimal and individual plan for anaesthesia and pain management. They will be aware of potential complications and take the appropriate steps to prevent them before they occur.


Our pets experience pain due to a number of different causes. These can range from acute onset pain such as from an injury, surgery or illness through to the more debilitating effects of chronic pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis or cancer.


Treatment can be provided through a number of different treatment options ranging from physical therapy &  lifestyle modification   through to medications and advanced interventional techniques. 

A house call service is available to minimise the stress of clinic visits.


We are able to provide support to your pet when they are sickest, both before and after anaesthesia and during serious illness or trauma. We have essential specialist equipment which enables us to provide advanced life support. 

This service is offered in conjunction with Dr Saskia Quandte, a specialist in veterinary internal medicine. We offer a team approach to ensure that every base is covered and your pet gets the best care possible.


Read more about Dr Quante HERE

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